St. Anthony's Catholic Parish

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Empowered by the Holy Eucharist 
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Mass Times

Weekend Schedule
Saturday       Confessions            4:00 pm
                          English Mass           5:00 pm
Sunday          Confessions             6:45 am
                          Low Latin Mass       7:15 am
                          English Mass            9:00 am
                          English Mass         10:30 am
                          Confessions           12:00 pm
                          Sung Latin Mass  12:30 pm

Weekday Schedule
Monday          Confessions          6:30 am
                           Latin Mass             7:00 am
                           Confessions          8:30 am
                           English Mass         9:00 am
Tuesday         Confessions           6:30 am
                            Latin Mass             7:00 am
                            Confessions          8:30 am
                            English Mass         9:00 am
Wednesday   Confessions       11:30 am
                            Latin Mass          12:00 pm
                            Confessions          6:30 pm
                             English Mass        7:00 pm
Thursday         Confessions          8:30 am
                             English Mass        9:00 am
                             Confessions          6:00 pm
                             Latin Mass             7:00 pm
Friday                Confessions          8:30 am
                             English Mass        9:00 am
                             Confessions          6:00 pm
                             Latin Mass             7:00 pm
Saturday          Confessions          8:00 am
                             Latin Mass            9 :00 am


Thursday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM​​​
in the main church
All other hours for
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
takes place in the Chapel

In Our Parish & Our Diocese

Weekly Bulletin
Our weekly bulletin contains almost everything you need to know about St. Anthony's Catholic Parish: contact information, ministries, announcements, calendar, Mass schedule, and Fr. Edmund''s Pastoral Notes; all activities in and around the parish this week.
Weekly Bulletin
Diocesan Insert
Similar to the weekly bulletin in our parish, the Diocesan Insert provides information regarding the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary.
Diocesan Insert
Calendar & Announcements
Keep up-to-date with our current events and happenings in the St. Anthony's community.  We welcome you to participate in our vibrantly active parish.
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